Don��t underestimate the replica watch��s warranty card, it��s actually very important

Those who frequently watch watches will be familiar with the watch��s warranty card. It directly relates to whether the watch can be repaired in a timely and satisfactory manner after obstacles appear. It is just like our car tools for transportation, and it is also a mechanical product. It needs regular maintenance to ensure its better operation.

The warranty card of the watch actually replica watches has a special function for the purchaser. On the one hand, it is a guarantee of product quality, and the other is the warranty service promised by the brand. Therefore, all genuine watches you buy have a warranty card.

However, watch friends need to pay attention to that, the warranty card does not cover the appearance of the watch, normal use depreciation, and damage to the movement that is not its own quality problems. Therefore, when buying watches, watch friends should have a detailed understanding of the quality assurance instructions attached to the watch, so that they can better clarify their rights. In addition, the watch warranty usually has a replica Rolex watches validity period. At present, most brands on the market provide two-year warranty service. However, there are some exceptions. For example, Rolex extended the warranty period in 2015. , For the majority of table friends, it is undoubtedly a gratifying thing.