If you plan to buy a precious metal replica watch, you must remember these signs

In the past, some people with status and status often had to be gold on the watch. The sparkling gold shape also symbolized wealth, and in terms of maintaining value, gold was definitely a good choice. Later, with the rapid development of the fake watches industry, rose gold, platinum, pure gold and other materials appeared one after another, giving people more room to choose. In order to effectively prevent the impure proportions of these precious metals, the Swiss watchmaking union The watch brand will be required to unify the composition of each precious metal and to engrave the mark of precious metal on the watch. From the first 18K gold watch with the Queen’s mark, to the 14K gold watch with the pine tree mark, the 9K gold watch with the sword mark and the platinum watch’s goat head. If your precious metal watch has these marks, then congratulations You, antique watches have become a necessity, and the above-mentioned imprints Omega replica watches were out of use as early as 1995. Today’s precious metal watches use Saint Bernard’s head as a brand new imprint, and this The marks can be found on the back, lugs and clasp of the watch.