Replica Watch maintenance, you must master it

I often hear watch friends talk about watch maintenance while chatting. In fact, if the watch��s maintenance is in place, the service life of a watch will be extended. So, what exactly is the maintenance that replica watches friends talk about?

Anyone who knows a little bit of common sense about watches knows that the natural enemy of watches is water. Even those waterproof watches and diving watches with good waterproof function, because watches have made very strict protection measures for sealing, in the watch mirror, case , The back cover and the position of the crown are all reinforced with waterproof rubber ring and the crown lock, etc. Don��t be foolproof like this. In fact, the watch will bring the waterproof rubber ring to the waterproof rubber ring with the external temperature and humidity. Great influence, over time, the waterproof ring will be deformed and aging, which will cause water to enter the watch. Therefore, in the daily watch wearing process, in addition to waterproofing, it is also very important to regularly check the waterproof rubber ring of the waterproof watch.

In addition, the reason why the watch needs to be shock-proof and anti-magnetic is mainly because some magnetic objects can cause many parts inside the fake watches to be magnetized. The watch itself is a precision machine with countless small parts inside. After the vibration and bump of the watch, these parts will be damaged to different degrees, which will cause various malfunctions of the watch, which greatly shortens the service life of the watch.